Withered Door

This work was exhibited at an event held at the university on July 7, 2023, and the theme of the event was “Sustainable Society.”
The Instagram effect filter can be accessed from my Instagram account (account name @kazuki_kunst) with the effect name Withered Door. At the exhibition venue, visitors were able to experience the effect by reading a QR code with their smartphones to activate the effect.

Production process
The paper was made from pine trees that were scheduled to be disposed of near the exhibition venue. By imitating the method used to make washi paper, the bark of the tree is boiled, pounded, and dried, resulting in each paper with a unique pattern.
These different patterns are used like QR codes, and each one is recognized separately by Instagram’s effect filters.
The room is a 3D object obtained by 3D scanning an actual real-world room using iPhone 12 Pro’s LiDAR (app used: Scaniverse). The data was adjusted with Blender and used as room data.
The ports recognized and projected from each paper are Yokohama, Hamburg, Melbourne, Auckland, and Vancouver. (3D data obtained from Google Earth for each)


The patterns created by the handmade paper are each unique. Randomly formed patterns serve as triggers, connecting to the realm of imagination and creation. The fibers of the tree were something that composed other substances even before becoming a tree. Now they have become paper, but someday they will no longer be paper. Life is born, dies, and continues, while matter remains unchanged, only transforming its form and perpetuating the cycle. Our eyes cannot simultaneously hold two things in the same place. To generate new value there, this space must wither. Even if it is a destiny of circulation, we remember. It is etched into each of you as information, becoming eternal. When we dream, it manifests in reality.

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