Weiter so

So everything is fine. It runs fine.

Installation work

A thin, narrow paper curtain hangs from the ceiling. Three colored lights are placed 2m from the curtain.
The exhibition visitors stand in the middle and their own shadows are projected onto the curtain.


There are two types of exercise. The first is to move your body the way you want it to move in your head. The second is to adapt to the environment or others.
In this work, the shadows of the visitors are divided into three parts. One movement leads to three different ways of “being seen”. The shadow is like a black mirror. “How am I seen?” “How am I evaluated?” Your body is one thing, but depending on who is watching, your movements are perceived differently.
The practice is frightening and disturbing. An unsteady, see-through paper curtain obscures your view.
But everything is fine. Her shadow is filled with other light. No matter where you stand, no light will ever reach you. So I want you to move with peace of mind.
The paper is so thin that the shadows cannot be seen clearly and half of the shadows come through that
paper passes through. Still, imagine your shadow.
Each piece of paper is long, thin and light. The more you move (the more you practice), the more the paper moves and the more the shadow loses its shape. Still “imagining”. Based on the shape of the neighboring shadow and the location of the shadow that was recently visible, imagine the entire current shadow.
By repeating this process, your consciousness moves from the inside to the outside (the curtain).
The shape of the shadow on the thin piece of paper is faint and indeterminate, but when focused it takes shape.
You can’t see it directly from the other side, but the shadow is clearly visible, it’s beautiful, it has a shape.
So everything is fine. It runs fine. Keep practicing like that.

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