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Graduation Research
An art gallery installation of light and color based on visual psychology.

Completion : January 2021

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What does it mean to appreciate diversity? The heart begins where we don’t under- stand each other.”

We cannot truly understand others. Yet we do not give up on this society. We believe, we are betrayed, we share our joys, we cry our sorrows. We repeat over and over again, yet we do not leave people. This act of trying to understand each other, even though we know we cannot understand each oth- er, seems to me to be the “prayer” of our time. We may not be able to understand each other, but if we could, there would be nothing that would make us happier. Believing this, we search for others as if we were praying. I believe that the act of pray- ing is something that has been done long before people start- ed electricity and agriculture, in other words, it is an act that is much more important than technology. Science has denied God, and people have forgotten the thought of praying. This place is a place of prayer in such a modern age.

01.Color Mixing

The way we perceive events from up close is different from the way we per- ceive them from far away, and things are made up of countless dots.

05.The world is you

Perceptual worlds on the theme of subjectivity and objectivity

02.Personal world

Limits of Protection. Life forms given limits as they ap- proach the ideal.


Question what was communication?


The struggle that movement creates, and the hope for tomor- row that movement brings.

07.Give priority and eliminate

How conveniently each of us cuts the world out of our lives.

04.What I was doing

Longevity and Happiness, Facing the Not-Self

08.UnVisual Communication Design

A work of touch. Presenting that touching is taboo in Coro- na, but we are losing experi- ences because of it.

Where everything comes together.

My heart and the heart of my neighbor. They are connected and united through this physical world.
What kind of state is empathy?
In truth, people cannot understand each other until the end. The “redness” of the red of the apple I see is not the “red- ness” of the apple my neighbor sees. It does not reach the world of qualia.

But we empathize. We know that it is impossible to under- stand each other, but we know that we can live together beyond that reality.
The bearer of this is the heart. It is this heart that connects us beyond the providence of the world, and we are fortu- nate that we all have “heart.

Believe in the world as your heart sees it.

UnVisual. See with your heart, not with your eyes.
The world as seen through values is twisted and cap- tured, it is not real. But then again, we cannot see the real thing. That is why I trust my heart.
This sensation I feel now. This feeling I just felt, this thought I just had. Affirm it.
And it is always renewed.
Because the mind perceives the present.
In the case of the mind, yesterday does not exist on the same line as today.
The mind does not have a time axis, and there is always a completely different “new now,” which we need to do our best to continue to perceive.

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