Quarter 1/4

The participants illuminate the picture with a colored light. Size: 2m x 8m

A picture with a total length of 2m x 8m. This is one-fourth of the square paintings.

Participants illuminate the picture with colored lights.

Visitors fill in the missing three-quarters of the information in their heads.

Own colors don’t transfer everything exactly. In combination with other people’s colored lights, you gradually get closer to the real picture.

It is difficult to draw meaning from each square painting, but when these squares gather together, each one has a meaning, and this room creates a sense of space.

The human vision is a combination of central and peripheral vision, and the area illuminated by this light illuminates the central vision. In memory, past and present information are combined, and the whole can be seen.

Imagine the missing information in your head and fill it in. You cannot verify for yourself whether the information you have supplied is correct. However, the attitude of trying to understand what you don’t know and what you don’t understand is communication itself.

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