Die Welt in Bewegung

The world revolves around you. The scenery you see is the projection mapping you created

Composer: Sven Kurz

University class project. We did projection mapping at Ludwig Church in Saarbrucken, Germany.

From the geocentric theory to the heliocentric theory, and then to the transitive theory (the world revolves around you).
It’s not you who is moving, but the people around you are moving.
The world rotates, but only the viewer and the moon remain stationary. The moon and the viewer are the same.

What do you rely on?
I can only access my own qualia. I am projecting the world.

Production method

The video was created using Unreal Engine 5 and edited using After Effects to match the projection mapping format.
3D building objects are Unreal Engine official assets “City Sample Buildings” (from Epic Games)
The music will be live music performed by students of the Saar College of Music.

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