Alles fließt

Everything is continuous. There are no boundaries, and they influence each other like waves.

Kazuki Taguchi’s first solo exhibition in Germany

Opening  February 8th from 6pm
Exhibition period :   Until February 22nd.
Opening hours :   Tuesday to Friday from 12:00 to 18:00
Location :   Arrival Room   (Großherzog-Friedrichstraße 74, 66121 Saarbrücken)

The title is a philosophical concept proposed by Heraclitus. It’s called panta rhei.

Light circulates. Energy continues to circulate. They influence each other like waves, and the influence continues without stopping. There is no boundary between works. Everything is connected, and each one makes up your impression. “Nothingness” does not mean that there is nothing there, but because there is “nothingness”, meaning is born there. In mathematics, 1+1=2, but in the real world, 1+1 should be greater than or equal to 2. This space you are in is in continuity.

Exhibition content:
The Room will be decorated with 20 pieces of handmade paper made from tree bark. Each paper is illuminated from behind with an LED. Controlled by Arduino (microcomputer), 20 lights flash continuously.

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